Dr. Francesco Stipo (2007)

United Nations Reorganization
The Unification of the UN System

The unification of the UN system?s budget requires the adoption of a common contribution system.
The introduction of an income-based contribution system would have the advantage of merging the different budgets into one unified budget, allowing the Member States to pay just one annual contribution to the entire United Nations system.
The criteria to determine the amount of the contribution would be objective, being based on the national income produced by the Member States.
Such system would simplify each country?s internal mechanism of allocation of contributions to the international organizations.
The creation of a voting system proportional to the level of contribution, applicable to all the U.N. specialized agencies, would allow the central executive body (for example, the Secretariat) to draw up a budget plan, which would allocate the international contributions among the different specialized agencies.
The budget plan should be subject to the approval of the UN General Assembly.
The Secretariat would assume the function of Department of Finance and Department of the Treasury of the U.N. system.
The specialized agencies instead would have the juridical nature of International Ministries or International Departments: becoming internal divisions of the United Nations, their general policy would be directed by the Secretary General.

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