The Diamond Dealer®©

"The night was illuminated by the full moon, shining at the zenith of the Equator. 
A small commercial aircraft, with eighty passengers onboard, was crossing the turbulent sky. 
Upward and downward wind currents provoked frequent altitude variations that prevented the hostess from serving passengers their meal. 
The deep forest cover was encompassed by the light of the moon and could be barely seen from the window of the plane. 
For the entire length of the flight, the rainforest was the only image that appeared to the weary eyes of the passengers, gaining their emotions with its wild nature, unexplored by men: for almost three hours not a single dwelling could be seen, neither a road nor a sign of human existence."


                    Chapter 1: A Strange Fog in the Amazon

                    Chapter 2: Shadows in the Jungle
                    Chapter 3: Gold Diggers
                    Chapter 4: The Right Man
                    Chapter 5: The River of Diamonds
                    Chapter 6: The Café of Garimpeiros
                    Chapter 7: Escape from the Airport
                    Chapter 8: An Unexpected Meeting
                    Chapter 9: The Road to Rio

                    Chapter 10: The Bandits of the Favelas

                    Chapter 11: The Brazilian Cowboy

                    Chapter 12: The Casino of Montevideo
                    Chapter 13: The Prison of Buenos Aires
                    Chapter 14: The Destiny of Marcos


The book narrates the adventures of an American merchant who travels to the Amazon rainforest looking for rough diamonds, after learning of the discovery of the world’s largest diamond repository.
When he arrives in Porto Velho, the capital of Rondonia, a remote State in the middle of Brazil, he contacts the local gold diggers and travels with them to collect diamonds from the river banks of the Rio Roosevelt.
The area is inhabited by the Indian tribe Cinta Larga and the rivalry between them and the gold diggers put at risk the merchant’s life.
After buying the diamonds from the gold diggers, the merchant hires a Brazilian guy asking him to carry them to Uruguay, a country that didn’t ratify the U.N. Resolution 56/263 and that does not require the Kimberly Certification to carry rough diamonds. His purpose is to have them cut there and then ship them to the United States, where an Italian-American mobster, who had previously hired him to do the job, is waiting to pick them up.
While crossing Brazil by Pullman, the protagonist meets an American woman and her girlfriend; the latter happens to be a thief and steals the diamonds, inducing the merchant to follow her to a dangerous neighborhood of Rio where a group of bandits kill her.
The Brazilian guy traveling with him finds a way to recover the diamonds and continue the trip. The protagonist arrives in Uruguay where he has arranged to have his diamonds cut, but he finds that his contact was arrested. This event force him to travel to Argentina. While in Uruguay, the protagonist risks to loose his precious merchandise to a loan shark while betting in a local casino. Once he arrives in Argentina, the Brazilian guy is arrested and the diamonds he is transporting are seized; the protagonist is able to free him and retake possession of the goods.
He then contracts a goldsmith to cut the diamonds and mount them in a necklace, which he uses to carry them to the United States.
In New York he goes to deliver them to the mobster who hired him but he finds him dead in his apartment. So he goes to the Diamond Dealers Club looking for a buyer but he is not allowed to enter because his membership card had expired.
In the same building he runs into the jewelry store where he had previously worked and offers the merchandise to the owner who makes a irrisory offer for the gems.
When he starts believing that his adventure was a failure, while walking in Rockefeller Center, he bumps into the American girl he had met in Rio.
In that moment he realizes she is more important than the monetary value of the stones: he asks her to marry him and offers the diamond necklace to her.
Although the story and the characters are fictitious, the book is based on real events: in the year 2000 a diamond field has been discovered in the Territory of Rondonia and many experts believe that the Roosevelt River hides the world’s largest diamond repository.
The area is occupied by the Indian tribe Cinta Larga that fights with the Brazilian gold seekers. The new “gold rush” has also attracted many Europeans and American dealers to the jungle, and they are venturing in those malaria infested areas trying to carry the diamonds to their countries.

About the Author 

The author is an adventurer who spent years traveling the world.
In the summer 2006, he lived for several months in the Brazilian Amazon to observe the illegal diamond smuggling that took place in the jungle. From this experience he wrote: "The Diamond Dealer", a novel that narrates the story of a merchant who travels to Brazil to purchase rough diamonds from the local gold diggers and crosses South America to have them cut in Argentina and then carry them to New York.
A few months later the author moved to Australia to visit the places that inspired his second book: "The Diamond Dealer in Australia". The second book is the continuation of the adventures of the protagonist of the first book.
The author is currently residing in Florida.

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The Diamond Dealer in Australia®©



                    Chapter 1: A New Venture

                    Chapter 2: Australian Breeze
                    Chapter 3: The Mountain Down Under
                    Chapter 4: The Desert of Diamonds
                     Chapter 5: The Road to Darwin 
                    Chapter 6: Modern Pirates
                    Chapter 7: The Pearl of the East
                    Chapter 8: The Diamond Dealer in Hong Kong
                    Chapter 8: A Chinese Tale


The Diamond Dealer is leaving again, this time in company of his wife Erika, towards the Land Down Under.
The purpose of his trip is to purchase rough diamonds from a Aborigean tribe that is rumored to have discovered diamonds in its territory, close to the Ayers Rock, in Western Australia.
The couple discovers the contrast between the friendly environment of Sydney and the inhospitable desert lands of Western Australia.
When they are in a Aborigean Reservation, they meet a guy they heard about during their first trip to Brazil (see "The Diamond Dealer, Chapter 3"), who helps them to find what they were looking for and the three proceed towards the first harbor, the city of Darwin, in the Northern Territories.
They board a merchant ship and hide while the vessel crosses the Indian Ocean directed to India, where they are planning to have their diamond cut and polished.
However, in the Strait of Malacca, near Singapore, the ship is assaulted by a gang of pirates, who take control of it.
The protagonist is discovered by the pirates, but a unexpected typhoon changes the direction of the boat, pushing it towards the Chinese coast of Shanghai, the Pearl of the East. There, both the pirates and the protagonist is arrested by Chinese authorities. 
A corrupt official, working for the Hong Kong mafia, discovers the diamonds and take the Diamond Dealer to Hong Kong, where a local gangster is awaiting him to seize the precious merchandise.
After a fierce struggle, the Diamond Dealer is able to escape, and he retakes possession of the precious goods.

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